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I recently attended a class with the intent to be more loving to all the people at the church I attend. A Diverse church. A love filled church. The class was during Women's History month - March. I decided that I would do some homework and write out the positive things I see as traits of Women. That developed into Positive Affirmations that I found from myself, TUSOL, Wikipedia, and Unity church. See them below. Please feel free to offer improvements.

Women Are

By Carl Schleuder (Angels, TUSOL, Unity & Wikipedia)

Positive Affirmations describing Women

(Body & Soul combination on Earth)

From Unity's 12 Powers high level:

Women say,

I Am Faith

I Am Strength

I Am Wisdom

I Am Love

I Am Power

I Am Imagination

I Am Understanding

I Am Will

I Am Order

I Am Zeal

I Am Release

I Am Life

Detail Parts of above:

Women say,

I Am Joy

I Am Hope

I Am Charity

I Am Teaching

I Am Guiding

I Am Protecting

I Am Providing

I Am Serving

I Am Filled with Energy

I Am Filled with Endurance

I Am highly skilled with the Ability to do many different things at the same time, i.e. multiplexing

I Am filled with Inner strength

I Am filled with Observation skills

I Am Skilled in Communications

I Am Empathetic

I Am Caring for others

I Am a get it done woman

I Am Kind

I Am Nurturing

I Am Sensitive

I Am Sweet

I Am Supportive

I Am Gentle

I Am Warm

I Am Passive when needed

I Am Cooperative

I Am Expressive

I Am Modest

I Am Humility

I Am Affection

I Am Tenderness

I Am Emotional

I Am Helpful

I Am Devoted

I Am Assertive when needed

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