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Priorities and Use of Time

My Angels have told me many times lately that my time is limited. If I want to get some more things done, like writing a children’s book series and creating more original songs … and travel, I need to make them happen soon. I don’t know how long “soon” is, so I’m thinking of putting some urgency to act, into my daily schedule. With that in mind, I thought of the Angels telling me, years ago, that all of us are here on Earth to evolve our souls. I remember asking what that meant and how to do it. In retrospect, that was a most important lesson in setting priorities. Be more loving. Learn all the aspects of what Love is…and… what love is not.

In the book, TUSOL_The Unseen Stuff Of Life, I asked my Angels how can I be more loving and what are these aspects of what Love is and what Love is not? I was given the answers and have created a set of slides for classes I’ve taught showing that information. As I write this, I’m still wondering what specifically do I need to be doing to satisfy these items about Love?

I just looked in the TUSOL book for an answer. There are many answers to the question of how to imprint aspects of Love on my Soul in the book. My Angels and Spirit Guides are telling me that they are nudging me to do what I’m supposed to do in this lifetime. I need to listen to them more and follow my deepest desires to follow my passions for this lifetime. I’m thinking about visiting the people I love and miss. I’m thinking of traveling to see people and places around the world that I would regret not seeing this time around. I’m thinking of discussing TUSOL with people so I can learn from them and they can learn from me.

What do you consider your main priority on Earth? (Hint: There is no wrong answer!) What do you feel compelled to do while living this lifetime? (Hint: in searching potential regrets, you may find what is very important for you to complete before you can’t.)

Who or what do you need to see in this life soon? I’m using “need” rather than “want” to get the highest priority going.

What do you feel you must do?

Anything else on this subject to share with me and the others that read this blog/ FB page?

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