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March 1, 2021 Be More Loving and Being What Love is Not

I’ve been thinking about how to “be more loving” ever since my Angels first told me how to “evolve the soul”. This morning, while giving gratitude to God and connecting to my “higher self”, I began thinking about it again. I asked my Angels if the strongest affirmation should be, “Be More Loving” like they tell me so often? Or “I am Loving”, like I hear at our Church all the time? The answer I got was that “I am Loving” is an affirmation that puts that energy into the world from me. “Be More Loving” is what my Angels keep telling me to guide me and inspire me.

In TUSOL The Unseen Stuff Of Life, the Angels said to always “make the most loving choice” for each one that comes along. That is much easier than looking at everything all at once and feeling overwhelmed. Just this or that. Which is more loving? Easy, right? Sometimes.

I have been watching friends and relatives get caught up in politics the past 4+ years. My Angels said that putting my energy into that was not why I am on Earth this time around. They said that much of what has been going on politically contains what Love is not. Things like lies, deceit and hurting others both physically and mentally. I asked about those that do get caught up in all those unloving thoughts and behavior. The Angels said that “people cannot do this lifetime wrong. Everything available to them will help them learn what Love is and what is not love.” They benefit to some extent from learning and absorbing into their soul memory that which is Not Love.

That brings up the question, why be more loving instead of be more of what love isn’t? Dear One, in general, people that find it easier to be unloving need to work on being more loving to evolve their souls. They already have done the work of absorbing what is not love already. Those that have already learned how to be more loving find that easier to do. They may need to work on absorbing into their soul that which is not Loving. You need to Be More Loving!

The discussion above with my Angels brings out a primary explanation for why there are so many awful and terrible things happening to most people during their lifetime. Also why so many wonderful things happen to people. This is covered more thoroughly in TUSOL. I struggled with accepting this for many years. Now it is part of how I think. It does make it a little easier to love everyone and accept them as they are. Also looking for that which is Loving in everyone helps me personally more than looking for the Not Loving in everyone.

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