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When I asked my Angels why I'm here, what is my purpose on Earth, I was surprised at the answer. The answer was, to evolve my soul. If you've read my book, you know the rest. If not, please read it. What follows is the condensed version. It wasn't just my soul. It was and is about all our souls. We are supposed to learn all the aspects of Love. That means all of what I used to call the "good" stuff. It surprised me to find out it also means all the "bad" stuff too, so that we truly know the good stuff. A large part of the book is about Love. Love is my first BLOG topic.

In TUSOL, the largest chapter is the Love one. When I began researching Love, I found that for a subject so important to all of us, the amount of material available to describe all the different kinds of love was way smaller than I expected. The book, Power vs. Force, by David R. Hawkins, has a marvelous graph that kind of shows major groups of “Good” and “Bad” in it. The graph shows items that are ranked by highest frequency and power to lowest frequency and power. The highest frequency and power items are desirable for us to achieve. The lower frequency and power items are not desirable. The Angels tell me that we need to learn it all. They say that we will learn it all eventually. That is our goal in life on Earth and beyond.

Please share descriptions and examples of Love on this blog or email. We can discuss. Also suggest other subjects to cover.

Note: Love with a capital L means a collective of all the different aspects of Love and all of what Love is not. This total Love contains all that we must learn here on Earth. The uncapitalized love is a portion of the capitalized Love.

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