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Gratitude and Controlling our Thoughts

June 15, 2021

I’m being told by my Angels to share some key items with you that are important to evolving our souls.

  1. Understand that the most powerful tool we have is the ability to create thoughts. Creating thoughts is the first step to manifesting. “Manifesting is creating” is a song I wrote inspired by founding Unity of Farmington Hills Reverend, Barbara Clevenger. The song says that we can create things, events and relationships with our thoughts, so think the most loving thoughts.

  2. Putting our energy to work at the “Big Picture”, highest level, is the most effective we can be. For example, thanking God, Angels, Spirit Guides, Masters and/or others for healing to perfect health all those in need on Earth and throughout the Universe is much more powerful/ helpful than healing a skin condition on your favorite dog with your prayer/healing energy focus.

  3. Getting our thoughts in sync with God is a great way to create focus for our thought tool. It also gets us to a high vibration level to be able to operate more easily to see the “Big Picture”. For example, thanking God for many key things like the Day, God’s Love, Masters like Jesus and Buddha, Angels, Spirit Guides, Spirit, Healing to perfect health ourselves and all those in need, teaching us to be more loving, all those that help us in this lifetime, this lifetime will pull us into a high vibration if we concentrate and picture each of the above mentioned items for thankfulness. Expressing sincere gratitude while picturing the object of it can bring our spiritual energy level up into the Soul or Higher Self level (depending on how low we were when we started).

  4. Conflicting thoughts negate each other. For example, thanking God, the Angels, our Spirit Guides or Souls without being sincere, i.e. not really meaning it, takes away the energy from it to send out or move up toward our Soul level. If there is no belief behind the words, there is no energy there.

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