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Dad Transitioned

I haven’t posted in several months. My wife and I were caring for my Father in the last part of his life. He went to the hospital at the end of April, 2021. We were told he had only two weeks to 2 months to live with heart failure. We took him to his home and got 24 hour care for him and signed him up with home hospice care. The loving caregivers found that the best way to manage him was to let him have whatever he wanted. (smile). He lasted 5 months and a week. He was for the most part, happy and comfortable as one can be under those circumstances. He died peacefully in his sleep.

His primary caregiver of the past four years told Dad he needed to close his eyes and go to sleep. He told her, “The old people are here. They want me to go to the county fair with them.” He could see them. (She could not.) He seemed happy to see them. She told him, “Alright honey. Good night.” He transitioned sometime in the next two hours.

This has been the most difficult loss of my life so far. I thought the worst loss was my sister in 2020. I was wrong. I have cried or had tears well up nearly every day since he passed October 6th. I thought it wouldn’t be too bad because I knew it was coming and because I can see and speak to those that have passed on. 100% of them so far have been in a state of pure joy when they showed me their young selves after passing over. Dad was no exception. He hung around and talked to me until after the celebration of Life ceremony we held for him Nov. 6, 2021. Even though I could see and talk to him, the pain of loss still came every time I thought of him.

It’s getting better. My Angels told me yesterday that in our human form on Earth, we have powerful energy ties to those that came here to interact with us. Those that we love a lot and interact with the most have the most powerful energy exchanges. When we transition, that energy is no longer available to us. That is the loss we are feeling. The pain comes from that loss. These losses are deeply etched into our Soul Memory forever. They are a major reason we come to Earth. This helps our soul to evolve.

I hope that some of you will share with us your knowledge of energy between people, letting our light shine - controlling that light, the energy loss I mentioned above when Dad passed away and other energy related things that I have yet to discover. Please feel free to share.



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