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A New Goal For A New Year!

At the beginning of the New Year, we are reminded from our phones, TV, radio, magazines and other print sources to evaluate the past, decide what we want to do now going forward and create new goals. Some time has already gone by in the new year, so now is the time to take action. Right after reading this.

TUSOL, The Unseen Stuff Of Life, is basically an interview with Angels. The information they provide in the book is given at a viewpoint that the Soul level of us can understand. It is meant to reassure people like myself in their Soul evolution that a lot of what they are experiencing in this life is quite “normal”.

Our Angels tell us to follow our passions. Passions meaning the things that we truly love to be, experience and do as viewed from our Soul level. Meditating or learning to meditate so that we can ask God, our Angels, Spirit Guides and Master(s) like Jesus, Buddha and Muhammad for help and guidance works! Learning to be still and hearing Their answers provide guidance to our questions.

When I say Soul level in both paragraphs above, I mean, “Not the Body” levels. Body levels are the low energy ones that get caught up in the “World” type things. Lying, cheating, stealing, wanting what’s not ours, deceiving, hurting others with what we say and do, abusing power to name a few. The Soul level are the Chakra levels from the Heart chakra on up to the Crown chakra. The Body levels are the chakra levels from the Solar Plexus down to the Root. These are like the trees in the, “I can’t see the Forest for the trees” concept.

We are learning to become more loving. It benefits each of us to try to spend our lifetime becoming more loving. Interacting with others is most important to accomplish this goal. The job or work we choose lets us interact with others. Helping others allows us to become more loving. Creating a plan to reach the goal of becoming more loving to each other is the Big Picture view, the Soul’s eye view. Now, I’m going to sit down and begin this creation process choosing the key items to accomplish this year. Items like being a friend to others, helping those in need, taking care of my body- mind- spirit, looking for the good in everything/everyone and focusing on being more loving.

I hope you will do it too.



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